Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year Fu..nnn

Its a New Year.
A time for new promises, new resolutions, new identifications and new ablutions...
Why not, afterall its a New Year.
Its time again for us to celebrate...Heavy metal, Smoke laden views,brain knocking music and spruced up in small skirt some cute chicks who barely know why skirts were invented for...but thats fine ... its a new year...
Lets Go Loud..
29th December -- What am i doing here ..its 8:30 in the evening and the computer screen at my office still ridicules me the way it did the entire day and i wish i had punched it way back but barring the cost factor i don`t think if there is anything that prevents me from doing so.
Maybe 2 years down the line i would shatter such a screen and live my dream...
but thats a callow fantasy which would definitely fade.
People leaving for places, friends for pub and i..i just want to pee..
But atleast i have an urge to clumsy spectator, move your ar*se and go back to code..

So indians have a great time ahead...lets try to get a reason to celebrate another year of our dreams....
Happy New Year.