Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beyond The Inevitable…

As the shift of light snuffed out when the deep sea has enshrouded the golden orb, a gentle breeze made way for a comforting euphony played by the wind upon the leaves. The dim intensity of the spectral glitter from the stars blended perfectly with the haziness that suffused through the smoothness of the mist.

And at this instant of the nightfall, yet again, they uprose from the woods only to be lost into each other. They knew that the first light of dawn would separate them but eternal was the warmth of what they felt for each other, every passing day.

In his comforting arms she found solace. His breath still smelled of camphor. But then, her beauty was no less of an aesthetic illusion. The eyes were akin to well-rounded ambers contoured with kohl. His flawless dusky texture perfectly complemented the radiance of her manifestations, when she belonged to him.

As the time flapped its wings, their feeling of first-love would reprise and before they could absorb themselves in it to the core, it was time. The time for them to bear the brunt of that ill-fated moment when the pangs of parting would set off to be spilled from their eyes.

They had to surrender to the divine providence and as he felt helpless, she would weep inconsolably at the agony of separation, not knowing that the cycle of time would once again bring them back to the edge when the deep sea would grow restless to vitalize the winds and the stars would glisten as the strange strokes of nature would prepare themselves to re-animate its two most strange creations.

Their love derived its strength from the sweet sorrow of separation.

And it was… indescribable.