Saturday, September 19, 2009


Its dormant powers have potential to shake the foundation of years of persecution, it can toss empires to earth, it can raise masses in defiance of tyranny and against countless oppression, it can re-kindle hope and motivate fellowmen to stand for a common cause and its struggle stories keep inspiring generations for endless times.
Such is the might of ‘Leadership’.

Leadership is a two-way transformative and intrinsically ethical relationship between the leader and the followers. It provides a path for people to tread collectively and do greater good by changing the course of action of the society.

Leaders are visionaries. They have a vivid imagination and a foresight and they trust in what they seek to achieve. Their faith in success is far greater than the fear of failure. They do not wait for the chance rather they take up the cudgels to create the chance. They rise above the crowd of commons on account of their unwavering spirit in their beliefs and their ability to influence masses by articulating the cause and then relentlessly pursuing it to completion.

A lot of time, leaders are counter-intuitive to most conventional concepts of both ambition and the means of achieving success. For this reason, they are occasionally faced with failures but then they choose not to lose and rather face their demon and triumph over it.

Leaders challenge the status-quo. Some lead mass struggle for racial equality while some pioneer the concept of ‘satyagraha’, some stand against fascism and restore the superiority of democracy while some set up dictatorship and pose the greatest threat to democracy. 

Leaders like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Churchill and Hitler have left indelible mark on the fate of many. Such influential leadership is not too hard to spot. It is quite evident on the field when Mahendra singh dhoni shows the right mix of aggression, innovation and ability to take calculated risks or in boardroom, when Mr. Ratan Tata stands by his conviction of revolutionizing the concept of cars for middle class.

Leaders are born is an obsolete concept. The growth in the number of successful entrepreneurs, sportspersons, media icons, stands testimony to the fact that leadership can certainly be evolved-if not inherited.

Now, when the world has woken up to India’s potential, it is time for more Indians to come forward and carve that niche in which the phrase ‘third world country’ doesn’t seem to fit. It’s time now for Indian leaders to stand up to the adjectives that the world has been showering upon us and lead the masses to new heights of achievements.

Agar Dekhna hai Hamari Udaan Ko
Toh Jara Aur Ooncha kar do Aasmaan Ko...!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Unceasing Quest…

The movie ‘15th Park Avenue’ concludes with a quote that lingers long after the film ends.
“She is looking for something she can never find…aren’t we all …??”

Minor schizophrenic, as human beings are, we are plagued with the delusions of our fancied designs...So perfect and real, yet unattainable.
And even if they are, were they what we embarked upon for ?

The envisioned goal and the existent attainment of it seldom coalesce.And in short-run when it does…The next moment, the dartboard appears to flee faster than the approaching dart…thereby gravitating the dart downwards…missing, thus, the Bull’s Eye.

In fact, it’s a point of view which is never still.
The target shifts itself as if it’s a stochastic function of the level of its attainment.
Well, the quest never ends... and it never will..but the search does lead us somewhere...and that... is decided by the effort you put in and how good you make of the ubiquitous opportunities.

Life is, after all, a game of some smart sophisticated moves.