Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year Fu..nnn

Its a New Year.
A time for new promises, new resolutions, new identifications and new ablutions...
Why not, afterall its a New Year.
Its time again for us to celebrate...Heavy metal, Smoke laden views,brain knocking music and spruced up in small skirt some cute chicks who barely know why skirts were invented for...but thats fine ... its a new year...
Lets Go Loud..
29th December -- What am i doing here ..its 8:30 in the evening and the computer screen at my office still ridicules me the way it did the entire day and i wish i had punched it way back but barring the cost factor i don`t think if there is anything that prevents me from doing so.
Maybe 2 years down the line i would shatter such a screen and live my dream...
but thats a callow fantasy which would definitely fade.
People leaving for places, friends for pub and i..i just want to pee..
But atleast i have an urge to clumsy spectator, move your ar*se and go back to code..

So indians have a great time ahead...lets try to get a reason to celebrate another year of our dreams....
Happy New Year.

Friday, November 17, 2006

lifes just a wishing well...

One coin left inside my pocket,
I came upon a wishing well.
Hesitantly I tossed it in,
Now only time will tell.

Whether my wish will be granted,
Or, I shall be denied.
Peace of mind or empty Pockets,
Atleast I know I tried.

Once I had so many coins,
All were wasted in the past.
Broken dreams and empty promises,
Now i`m down to my last.

Life is but a coin toss,
Whether or not your dreams come true.
With my eyes closed I heard the splash,
Then wished that I had you...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Strange...isn`t it

mood : lessalgos

Life isn`t always take it in your face type...its strange..sometimes stranger.
Its full of paradoxes and in the words of Deborah Mckinlay the excerpts below symbolises what we implicitly decipher through occurences.Its worth giving a thought...

At some point of time,when people are quite small and much more interested in other things,somebody big takes it into their head to say something like this to them :
" Boys are different from Girls."

If the small person is a Boy, the big person says a lot of other bumpfs and then they say something like :
" You mustn`t hurt Girls."

If the small person is a Girl, the big person says lots and lots of other bumpfs and then they say something like :
" You mustn`t Trust Boys."

And then one day when the Boy and Girl are all grown up, the Big girl says to the Big boy :
"How could you hurt me like this? I trusted you."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Mood ::: Low in spirits

There were moments in life when you felt that dreams defined the destiny... and now the moments are rare and dreams everywhere.
These two good lines at the start doesn`t mean that destiny doesn`t does..just like everyone else...

Now what i can`t infer is the alternate injection of trauma at nodes of our dreams but we can`t blame it too coz it sometime happens to let you open up and discover your ability to cope up with the worse..
Everytime a sun rises...a moon awaits a chance...
but then there is another day too.

A series of unfortunate events happening to me these days are taking the spirits outta me..nah i never mentioned Alcoholic 'spirit'...
Someone stole my mobile...i lost my keys...i lost my things...i messed up a critical code...
Actually there is a lot i have taken back from it..and its all in the form of deep diplomatic disgust from a team senior..infronta team.
Robert Bresson once said "When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best -- that is inspiration."

I sure did it that way--unknowingly and the best... but when my lead lets me into not knowing what i outto know and i messed up this piece of all comes to me...everybody wanna make an ass of things and if you don`t got guts to vocalize then ready to be an ass...
They accused saying you should`ve known..gimme a break someone..will you.Its your job to let me know.
but as i know that its a 15 years of experience beneath her ass and it isn`t a 15 months for i know i need to call a truce...back off.
Off late i`ve been ruminating that as people grow up, they learn to limit themselves to whatever course their destiny takes.They forfeit in the face of destiny and decide not to mess up with it.Well, its kinda two way traffic and if you`re not ready to tread along then actually what i learn is that destiny has this very strange way of finding you.its kinda like pre-planned.

You work too hard,exploit your alter-ego still you don`t get where you ought to be..and then we learn that nothings even in life until you learn to finally level them.
There were times when an unfledged immature self of our thoughts wanted to realize itself....only to be disdained by time.
Then we think that happiness comes with a price tag..or else everyone around would`ve been bearing that smile on the face.

We are unfazed and naive in the face of future.
Lets see whats next....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Delineations with dilemma

This nagging urge to blog atleast once a month causes me Occasional constant infrequent headaches.So i need to pour in something today.A piquant picture of life is oftenly framed in pixels.. Now thats my opinion...Life keeps resounding sagacity through our conscience but the funniest part is that the conscience is the only part of us which feels bad when all other parts are feeling great...!!!

Cutting the crap and rolling the reels now...

Life is not about the breaths you take, its about the moments that take your breath away.

They say they are happily married.....yeah...she's happy and he is married ;-)

JOB is indeed what you feel...

Heaven and Earth..the lines just faded a little..


Ha Ha Ha ... it says it all...

Who said drinking beer makes you fat???. It makes you lean rather.... lean against trees,doors, walls, friends, strangersand oftenly on ground....

If you can`t out-think them..shoot them..

Never before ..horror was fun and... tasted awesome..

Rude disappoints when i need it...

When the going gets tough..the toughs get going..

The moments of 'catalyst' when a joke connects.

Flights of mind...

Mind again..blah blah blah....

If it wasn`t for Edison ...we would have been watching television in the dark..

contd... from the previous post

Child labour....another social taboo.

Innovative proposal...(Indecent proposal-Part 2)

World at my feet..bas itna sa khwaab hai..
Lets get back to work guys..boss is on the prowl.

And the most beautiful moment in anyones life goes to...

Light at the end of the tunnel...

morning breeze..

In the end doesn`t even matter...if you are on top..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Stalemated...At last

What is this... terrorists are bombing time and again on our grounds and we people are doing what we are at best...just wait and anticipate whats next...
The marks of regional terrorism were just starting to fade when this gargantuan problem raises its gloomier head from every possible corner where it could have seeped in inverse circumstances....Past has been a mute spectator and now the present queues up on its tail.

As always government is dumb and syntactically astute enough to shy out rather than taking stern steps to forestall such cataclysmic loss of life and limbs.Political leverage,minority votes and other such vicious motives drive those white shirt politicos whose piffling priorities gain weight for them when juxtaposed to interests of a common national.Politicians who are supposed to be sophisticated,instead of resolving issues far more grave are trying to generate a newer class of reserved subjects..who would be given precedence over a comparative better breed.
Hail politicians and gullible supporters...
Darwin finally seems to have been proved wrong !!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

My First Poem in English....


They need you
or do they cheat you.

gals gals gals
those eyes and those curls
with the trap behind
and the smile around
working in the mind
the plans clandestine

right from the first time.
my heart was unreasonable
now with the chapters closed
my eyes are bleeding for errors of else

no more now
dreams are volatiles and
realities are defined
for we live in moments and operations aren`t timed

end is near so the flames flicker
but its not the flame its the glow whichs forever.

Monday, April 17, 2006

gulzar aka sampooran singh

aadatan tum ne kar diye vaade
aadatan ham ne aitabaar kiyaa.

terii raahon mein baarahaa ruk kar
ham ne apanaa hii intazaar kiiyaa..

ab naa maangenge zindagii yaa rab
ye gunaah ham ne ek baar kiyaa...


aankhon mein jal rahaa hai kyun bujhataa nahin dhuaan
uthataa to hai ghataa saa barasataa nahin dhuaan

chuulhaa nahin jalaaye yaa bastii hii jal gai
kuchh roz ho gaye hain ab uthataa nahin dhuaan

aankhon se poonchane se lagaa aanch kaa pataa
yun cheharaa pher lene se chhupata nahin dhuaan

aankhon se aansuon ke maraasim puraane hain
mehamaan ye ghar mein aaye to chubhataa nahin dhuaan


din kuchh aise guzaarataa hai koi
jaise ehasaan utaarataa hai koi

aainaa dekh ke tasallii hui
ham ko is ghar mein jaanataa hai koi

pak gayaa hai shazar pe phal shayaad
phir se patthar uchhalataa hai koi

phir nazar mein lahuu ke chinte hain
tum ko shaayad mughaalataa hai koi

der se goonjatein hain sannaate
jaise ham ko pukaarataa hai koi


ek paravaaz dikhai di hai
teri aawaaz sunai di hai

jis ki aankhon mein kati thi sadiyaan
usne sadiyon ki judaai di hai

sirf ek safaah palat kar us ne
beeti baaton ki safaai di hai

phir vahin laut ke jaanaa hogaa
yaar ne kaisi rihaai di hai

aag ne kyaa kyaa jalaayaa hai shab bhar
kitani Khus-rang dikhai di hai


ek puraanaa mausam lauta yaad bhari puravaai bhi
aisaa to kam hi hotaa hai woh bhi ho tanahaai bhi

yaadon ki bauchhaaron se jab palakein bhigane lagati hain
kitani saundhi lagati hai tab maanjhii ki rusavaai bhi

do do shaklein dikhati hain is behake se aaine mein
mere saath chala aaya hai aap kaa il saudaai bhi

Khaamoshi kaa haasil bhi ik lambi si Khaamoshi hai
unki baat suni bhi hamane apni baat sunai bhi


main apne ghar mein hi ajanabi ho gaya hun aakar
mujhe yahan dekhakar meri rooh Dar gai hai
saham ke sab aarzooein konon mein ja chupi hain
lavein bujhaa di hain apne cheharon ki, hasaraton ne
ki shauq pehchanataa hi nahin
muraadein dahaliz hi pe sar rakh ke mar gai hain

main kis vatan ki talaash mein yun chala tha ghar se
ki apne ghar mein bhi ajnabi ho gaya hun aa kar


nazm ulajhi hui hai seene mein
misre atke hue hain hothon par
udte-phirte hain titliyon ki tarah
lafz kaagaz pe baithate hi nahin
kab se baithaa hun main jaanam
saade kaagaz pe likh ke naam tera

bas tera naam hi mukammal hai
isse bahatar bhi nazm kya hogi


qadam usi mod par jame hain
nazar samete hue khadaa hun
junoon ye majboor kar raha hai palat ke dekhoon
Khudi ye kahati hai mod mud ja
agarche ehasaas keh raha hai
khule dareeche ke peechhe do aankhen jhaankti hain
abhi mere intezaar mein vo bhi jaagati hai
kahin to us ke goshaa-e-dil mein dard hoga
use ye zid hai ki main pukaaroon
mujhe taqaazaa hai vo bulaa le
qadam usii mod par jame hain
nazar samete hue khadaa hun


saans lena bhi kaisi aadat hai
jiye jaana bhi kya ravayat hai
koi aahat nahin badan mein kahin
koi saaya nahin hai aankhon mein
paanv behis hain, chalte jaate hain
ik safar hai jo behta rehta hai
kitne barson se, kitni sadiyon se
jiye jaate hain, jiye jaate hain

aadatein bhi ajeeb hoti hain


Quran haathon mein leke nabeenaa ek namaazii
labon pe rakhtaa tha
dono aankhon se choomtaa tha
jhukaake peshaani yun aqidat se choo raha tha
jo aayatan padh nahin saka
un ke lams mahasoos kar raha ho

main hairaan-hairaan guzar gaya tha
main hairaan hairaan Thahar gaya hun

tumhaare haathon ko choom kar
choo ke apni aankhon se aaj maine
jo aayatein padh nahin saka
un ke lams mahasoos kar liye hain


Friday, March 31, 2006

kuch katre nazm ke...

Aao Phir Nazm Kahen.
Phir Kisi Dard Ko Sahla Ke Suja Le Ankhen..
Phir Kisi Dukhti Rag Se Chhua De Nashtar...
Ya Kisi Bhooli Huee Raah Pe Mudkar .
Ek Baar Naam Lekar Kisi Hamnam Ko Awaz Hi De Le..
Phir Koi Nazm Kahen.......

"Baad muddat usse dekha logo.....
Woh zara bhi nahi badla logo
Khush na tha mujhse bichhadd kar woh bhi
Uske chehre par likha tha logo
Usski aankhen bhi kahe deti theen
Raat bhar woh bhi na soya tha logo
Ajnabi ban ke jo guzra hai abhi
Thaa kisi waqt mein woh apna logo
Dost toh khair kaun kis ka hai
Usse dushman bhi kabhi na samjha logo.."

some of my fav..

ALAAV (gulzaar)

Raat bhar sard hawa chalti rahi
Raat bhar hamne alaav taapa
Maine maazi se kai khushk see shaakhien kaati
Tumne bhi gujre hue lamhon ke patte tode
Meine jebon se nikali sabhi sukhi nazme
Tumne bhi haathon se murjhaaye hue khat khole
Apnee in aankhon se meine kai maanze tode
Aur haathon se kai baasi lakeeren phenki
Tumne palkon pe nami sookh gayee thee, so gira di
Raat bhar jo bhi mila ugte badan par humko
Kaat ke daal diya jalte alaawon main use
Raat bhar phoonkon se har lau ko jagaye rakha
Aur do zismon ke indhan ko jalaye rakha
Raat bhar bujhte hue rishte ko taapa humne......

door tak kon saath chalta hai
dosti mai to fareb palta hai
kiya bharosa terey wadon ka
tera wada to roz talta hai

PalkeN bhi chamak uthti haiN sote maiN hamaari
AankhoN ko abhi khwaab chhupane nahiN aate

Asmaan pe, baadalon mein, jaane kya saazish hui,
Mera ghar mitti ka tha, mere ghar pe hi baarish hui

Dhuaan banaake fiza mein uda diya mujhko
Main jal raha tha kisi ne bujha diya mujhko

Chand nikla tha per woh raat na thee pehli se
Yeah mulaqat, mulaqat na thee pehli see
Gham kuch kam tu howa aaj teray milnay say
Yeah alag baat thee key woh baat na thee pehli see

Aakhri rasm-e-ulfat bhi nibha di hum ne,
Kal shaam teree tasveer bhi jala di hum ne,
jo millta tha, karte the ziker tera,
Un logon se mulaaqat bhi ghata di humne..

aaj humney ye soch kar tum ko uu bholadiya,,
k tum ek mousam the jo apni muddat khattam kar k badal gaye,,
k tum ek khawab the jo aankh khultey hi bikhar gaye,,
k tum ek lamha the jo palak jhapaktey guzar gaye.

Bahaar bhi aaegi barsat bhi hojaegi,
Maikada hai to yahan raat bhi hojaegi,
Hum teri har sans pe marte hain,
zindagi rahi to mulaqat bhi hojaegi..


This is my first blog, so i`ll try my best to make it look like the first one...

Now whats with the title..
Well jiffy is not the name of my dog.His name is Tommy.He likes english people more than indians. Its was an intended pun.

I`m taking its literal meaning.Now i`m writing here the jiffy in my mind for publishing a post or what all can happen over a jiffy.Ya that line's taken from cafe coffee day bill.I thought maybe here it could be utilized better.
So preventing all preposterous provisions lets jump to jiffy..

"MaikaDa Hai Na Mai hai Na Saki Hai.
Koi Hamdam Na hai Na Koi Sathee Hai !
Baad Muddat K Aake Laut Gayee..
Ab K Jo Bacha Main, Toh Phir Wohee Intezaar Bake Hai...!!"

Well that`s my second love.
Pretty strong word but by now i`ve realised its meaning.
You guess its loss of vital energy.

Humour is the third in that sequence.

A beggar asks a man in car at a traffic light for a few Rupees.
The man says, 'If I give you the money, will you just use it to buy booze?'
The beggar says, 'No, I dont drink'.
The man asks, 'Will you gamble it away?'
The beggar says 'No, I dont gamble'
.Then the man asks, 'Then will you come home with me so my wife can see what happens to a man who doesn’t drink or gamble?'

I think i`m multitasking.Actually i don`t want to screw up all the things at one go.
So now i decide to terminate this discussion and tell you what tony eclairs once told to george push.He said,"I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car."