Monday, June 11, 2007

In the Era of the Great Roger Federer, lived a man called Rafael Nadal…

And the ever-looming Nadal nemesis fell again on the indomitable Federer. It was a King Vs King match, one of Grass with no defeat in past four years and a 48 match run including 4 Wimbledon titles and the other with 72 straight clay court wins.

Federer has 10 grand slam titles but he still needs the coveted French Open to complete a career Grand Slam of all four championships, which basically includes (Wimbledon, US open, Australian open and French open).And if it weren’t for Rafa, FedEx would have been savoring the pride of being the undefeated defender of the crowns.

Statistically, FedEx is 4-7 against Rafa and 199-7 against anybody else.

So beyond doubt, world number 2 is boisterously holding the title and I am thinking, without taking the credit any minuscule away from the great Fed, that if it weren’t for a King Federer, Rafa definitely would be the Prince of the Court. But the latter is 4-6 years younger than almost all his opponents and is on a quick road of experience which never dumps the seeker.

Way to Go Rafa…

Link : Federer Vs Nadal

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Anything but This...

Comprehending the stride, at which my life is Propelling the Kid in me to a clumsy grown up, is getting tricky for me.

Weekdays are as hectic an agenda as the (2x24) hours which my company thinks each employee should get out of (7x24 hours) per week to prepare himself for next Week.

Sundays are passing by as the roadside trees…Numerous for me to count but fixing me more firmly and deeply into the ground stifling me even for a breath… A calm, serene and stress-free breath.

I mean when you think about the lingering questions like--
When was the last time you felt that your life fits you?
Would you recognize the fit when it repeats?

Most of us live such intense and harried lives that we feel wants like to schedule even brushing of our teeth by electronic organizers (...if possible). Despite the frenzied pace of the world, personal needs ain`t supposed to be buried on basis of others' expectations.
What is required, however, is a change of perspective.

Afterwards it’s for you to discover.
And lastly a very beautiful piece of couplets I came across some day’s back that fits in here perfectly...

We passed their graves:
The dead men there,
Winners or losers,
Did not care.

In the dark
They could not see
Who had gained
The victory.


Did we ever dreamt of the such a status-Quo...

“I’m just a dreamer. I dream my life away. I’m just a dreamer who dreams of better days.”

Courtesy: Ozzy “Dreamer”

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Taste Of My Own Blood

At a tender age of 24, I got first taste of my own blood. No, it has nothing related to acquiring any sort of vampiric aura but it was rather related to realm of my benign but not so harmless dental built up. Human anatomy has this strange way of finding or rather discovering the patch ups which individuals often neglect owing to life on fast track.

And with our tooth, hectic morning schedule and rushing to bed in evening with ever burgeoning bacteria because of improper brush leads to “Remove that Molar ASAP”, as it happened to me.

People say its wisdom tooth and the whole world is now bent on taking it away from me..???
and obviously they triumphed or else do you think I would be sitting here writing this piece of crap on a Saturday, which I think only I read and that too occasionally.

So it all starts with the syringe that took the sensations from my right periodontal gears.
and a hammer which when aimed at my molar lead to blood whirls in my mouth in no time.

That was what I was thinking when I wrote the headings…crappy brains.