Monday, October 13, 2008

Leading the way :

Their lingua depicted a finicky touch of enhanced struggle story, tuned to success.
Breaking into the nutshell of the top league of their relevant domains isn’t anymore an unrealized venture.
Seamless journey of an overtly jubilant Ganges to a somber branching – starts from possibly an urge to flow rather than taking a stern stand as a rock-solid Glacier somewhere atop the Himalayan Range.
Gradual realization of the devastation capacity of a dormant volcano, after eruption isn’t smart. It’s common. Uncommon is understanding the potential of performance prior to the volcanic-eruption process.
People who rise above the fog of “Crowd of Commons” are those who pre-empt the chance-event and force a favorable, unforeseen but not intangible proceedings.
Do not Crib at the ‘wrongs’ of the present, but Contribute to the conceivable ‘rights’.
Follow the rules, wait for your turn, and persuade people to follow the pre-formed codes.

Tender to needs, Cater to others. Remain patient, Don’t retaliate. Create humor and most of all -- Be Nice.

After all,
Kal Ho Na Ho…!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Destiny Calling...

This is the time - i can see the first few rays of a new dawn in my dreary and inactive routine.After a long 2 years and 9 months of hibernation, there is a rattle of activities happening in my life.
The MBA(Management) entrance results are out and my dream seems to be materializing in the form of SIIB(Symbiosis Institute of international Business).Though i had a couple of other options but the Symbiosis of a rigourous education with the evolution of a socially responsive manager is an enticing idea.
As a part of curriculum there,I would be learning a new foreign language(one among german,spanish,french or mandarin).The rest of the schedule is similar to that of a decent Management college.The intricacies would be realized as and when the admission procedure happens.
As of now,a good and healthy break of 2 months, which i consider as the silence before the storm creates quite a few furore in some lives.Symbi..i am coming...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blast from the Past...

The other day, i was walking my way towards Office.It was a bright sunny morning.
Not so pleasant as it sounds, rather it was scorching hot - All thanks to the global warming.Drops of sweat poured off my brows, my patch of beard and mustache, which had appeared as i procrastinated shaving for weekends, by which i meant coming Saturday..No..Sunday..No..No..Monday morning.My Thin, gauzy T-shirt and heavy jeans were offering little help.The wretched laptop too seemed to demand backbreaking efforts. And amidst all the warmth and discomfort i strode on steadily.
Half-way through, i saw a middle-age man riding his daughter,i suppose she would have been in 9th or 10th grade, on a scooter.From the appearance, they looked to be from a typical middle-class Indian family.The man was busy driving on the overcrowded road, cluttered with pavement vendors, small kirana shops and kiosks which had apparently shifted closer to the road.The girl had a book in her hand which she was reading on the moving vehicle.It seemed like a last minute preparations for any class-test or examination.
And the flash...I went back 8 years, My Mummy, preparing the breakfast and making sure we eat them before leaving for the examination and then My Papa driving me and my brother to our school, myself holding my notes and reading them vigorously,if not vociferously, all the way upto the school.I always had this gut feeling that last minute studies always help.Though, i would prepare the entire subject thoroughly but still, i would be evidently holding my notes and reading them, just incase i would have skipped something, till the last minute-when the bell rang indicating commencement of the examination procedures and the invigilator would start to distribute the answer sheets.
Those were the days...a pleasant breeze of air composed my face and an uncanny smile appeared.
And lo..the office gates were infront.
The way passed by as the days..I miss those days...I hope everyone else does it too !!