Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beyond The Inevitable…

As the shift of light snuffed out when the deep sea has enshrouded the golden orb, a gentle breeze made way for a comforting euphony played by the wind upon the leaves. The dim intensity of the spectral glitter from the stars blended perfectly with the haziness that suffused through the smoothness of the mist.

And at this instant of the nightfall, yet again, they uprose from the woods only to be lost into each other. They knew that the first light of dawn would separate them but eternal was the warmth of what they felt for each other, every passing day.

In his comforting arms she found solace. His breath still smelled of camphor. But then, her beauty was no less of an aesthetic illusion. The eyes were akin to well-rounded ambers contoured with kohl. His flawless dusky texture perfectly complemented the radiance of her manifestations, when she belonged to him.

As the time flapped its wings, their feeling of first-love would reprise and before they could absorb themselves in it to the core, it was time. The time for them to bear the brunt of that ill-fated moment when the pangs of parting would set off to be spilled from their eyes.

They had to surrender to the divine providence and as he felt helpless, she would weep inconsolably at the agony of separation, not knowing that the cycle of time would once again bring them back to the edge when the deep sea would grow restless to vitalize the winds and the stars would glisten as the strange strokes of nature would prepare themselves to re-animate its two most strange creations.

Their love derived its strength from the sweet sorrow of separation.

And it was… indescribable.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Its dormant powers have potential to shake the foundation of years of persecution, it can toss empires to earth, it can raise masses in defiance of tyranny and against countless oppression, it can re-kindle hope and motivate fellowmen to stand for a common cause and its struggle stories keep inspiring generations for endless times.
Such is the might of ‘Leadership’.

Leadership is a two-way transformative and intrinsically ethical relationship between the leader and the followers. It provides a path for people to tread collectively and do greater good by changing the course of action of the society.

Leaders are visionaries. They have a vivid imagination and a foresight and they trust in what they seek to achieve. Their faith in success is far greater than the fear of failure. They do not wait for the chance rather they take up the cudgels to create the chance. They rise above the crowd of commons on account of their unwavering spirit in their beliefs and their ability to influence masses by articulating the cause and then relentlessly pursuing it to completion.

A lot of time, leaders are counter-intuitive to most conventional concepts of both ambition and the means of achieving success. For this reason, they are occasionally faced with failures but then they choose not to lose and rather face their demon and triumph over it.

Leaders challenge the status-quo. Some lead mass struggle for racial equality while some pioneer the concept of ‘satyagraha’, some stand against fascism and restore the superiority of democracy while some set up dictatorship and pose the greatest threat to democracy. 

Leaders like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Churchill and Hitler have left indelible mark on the fate of many. Such influential leadership is not too hard to spot. It is quite evident on the field when Mahendra singh dhoni shows the right mix of aggression, innovation and ability to take calculated risks or in boardroom, when Mr. Ratan Tata stands by his conviction of revolutionizing the concept of cars for middle class.

Leaders are born is an obsolete concept. The growth in the number of successful entrepreneurs, sportspersons, media icons, stands testimony to the fact that leadership can certainly be evolved-if not inherited.

Now, when the world has woken up to India’s potential, it is time for more Indians to come forward and carve that niche in which the phrase ‘third world country’ doesn’t seem to fit. It’s time now for Indian leaders to stand up to the adjectives that the world has been showering upon us and lead the masses to new heights of achievements.

Agar Dekhna hai Hamari Udaan Ko
Toh Jara Aur Ooncha kar do Aasmaan Ko...!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Unceasing Quest…

The movie ‘15th Park Avenue’ concludes with a quote that lingers long after the film ends.
“She is looking for something she can never find…aren’t we all …??”

Minor schizophrenic, as human beings are, we are plagued with the delusions of our fancied designs...So perfect and real, yet unattainable.
And even if they are, were they what we embarked upon for ?

The envisioned goal and the existent attainment of it seldom coalesce.And in short-run when it does…The next moment, the dartboard appears to flee faster than the approaching dart…thereby gravitating the dart downwards…missing, thus, the Bull’s Eye.

In fact, it’s a point of view which is never still.
The target shifts itself as if it’s a stochastic function of the level of its attainment.
Well, the quest never ends... and it never will..but the search does lead us somewhere...and that... is decided by the effort you put in and how good you make of the ubiquitous opportunities.

Life is, after all, a game of some smart sophisticated moves.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spine Shuddering Scare...

It was an unusual Friday night.
Time: 2:30 am
I was watching the movie -- ‘The Exorcist’.

As the movie concluded creepily, I realized that a deathly silence permeated the room. I knew it would dawn in sometime but it was not this time… Two more hours of haunting remained.

With fear flowing through my veins accompanied by a subtle paranoia, I thought I spotted the silhouettes that floated round the corners of the room.

The curtains caused some strange cacophony of noises. The creaks created by the flaps of that dampened fan which tried to grasp the air that barely passed through, signaled the spookiness that intensified the underlying terror in my heart. The sensation of specter was further strengthened as this air moved through the corner of my ears as if whispering or so of a panic that planned to linger for a longer period. Eerie sounds and ghostly voices had a bearing to the stony calmness of the night, indicating that something sinister lurked in the shadows waiting to make a move.
The shadowy presence harped in the dark corner and it felt as if I could effortlessly peep into those drained eyes that had seen time changing faces.
Evil sometimes lies dormant at the cross-roads between life and death... where the mortal and the eternal collide. Sometimes death is temporal but not terminal. Many a time, restless spirits roam in an attempt to fulfill their strange designs.

Apparently, you can’t fight what you can’t see. But then, the bigger question is:
Can death be seen amidst the livings?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Remembrances of Today as they would be in Tomorrow...

Nostalgia has gripped me again, embracing me to those days when springs were not just the haphazard interferences of noises made by the splattering deluge... Rather it was the warmth of the sunshine that lightened up the day.

As time turns pages, the voices of people I met, walked and then parted with, still echoes distinctly when I am all by myself.

God, I miss those days when it felt great to be in love, all the time, and she was not gone.

Her hands and her hair, her face and her eyes…

I am still living in the past, seeking her trace in my life…!!!

PS: The post is in no way whatsoever related to me.

Only the narration is mine.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Macrocosmic Mystification…

It’s only sometimes... but for those rare moments… when I set out to seek rational interpretation for the existence of irrational things, that I ask myself questions on the line of --

Why is fire fated to destroy the cause of its creation Or perhaps it’s the thermal affinity for an eternal affiliation between the creator and the creation.
Why are the shores of a river, not meant to meet, lest the river runs dry, in which case they aren’t shore any more. Probably because they are meant to bear the pain of separation. To look at each other from far and then sigh. To have mutuality but not association.

Some things, even if they aren’t seemingly illogical, have been designed to be visceral.

After all, ambiguity allures.
Why otherwise could you catch the mist but not the cloud?

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived."
- M. Scott Peck

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ashes of the phoenix---AMR Group VI

Finally posting it...

Today is March 26, 2009 and this day brings us to the conclusion of the flight of affairs by the name of ‘AMR- Group 6’.
Among all the uncertainties of the situational twists, we gathered at the confluence of the Girls hostel and the cafeteria, SIIB, to rejoice once again through the happenings of our varied experiences. Now it becomes equally important for me to mention names of those people who have given me some of the most beautiful memories of my SIIB life. Not following any order, they are Neha, Sananda, Punam, Samiksha, Rakesh, Prashant, Sanjay, Ashraf and Arindam. The meet concluded when everyone expressed their thoughts.

Posting them here for posterity.

Sananda: It was a heavy (...??) subject. She was confused, she said, but had a nice time and intends to do more masti in days to come.
Neha: She spoke about the Tamanna party when thumps-up inebriated us to the extent of losing our sense of consciousness. This party was, undoubtedly, one of our best. And also talked about some ill-omen which took our parties away from us.
Punam: She spoke about our first AMR convene when we were deciding partners for our ‘3-day-AMR-Ends’ dare.

Samiksha: She spoke about the presentations - when only the presenter was caught amidst the showering furies of Mr. Godbole. It was fun to bear that brunt. Also, she re-assured us that she is mentally fit after that “ride of the lifetime”.
Rakesh: He also talked about the parties and “increased fairness of happy people” (which, you know was referred to whom…and we made sure that the message was conveyed.) Was about to speak about his crush but was saved from doing so.
Prashant: He talked about the last minute presentations and the fun at parties. His impending marriage and the talks of it. Shook hands and wished luck to every one of us.
Sanjay: He was as always was the fizz element. Added some expert comments and made the party more humorous.
Ashraf: He said, “It was good”.
Arindam: He spoke about the camaraderie all of shared. He said he enjoyed everything other than studies and also promised to take us to his house sometime.
Punam also promised the same.
Abhishek (that`s me) : I talked about the parties we had at the start and then the confidence with which we faced Mr. Godbole and then the places which we looked for hiding when he fired us after looking at our presentation. And then I spoke indistinctly, “Bohat si yaadein judi hain AMR ke saath”.

It all started from the day in June when we first met after 'The Singhad triumph'.

And here we stand today, after completing successfully, the trail of events which was made all the more fascinating by Mr. S.V.Godbole and his comments on our efforts and the challenging situations in which he kept putting us, untiringly.

For some it was so good that AMR is over, but for me...I just wish AMR would have never ended.