Monday, July 17, 2006

Stalemated...At last

What is this... terrorists are bombing time and again on our grounds and we people are doing what we are at best...just wait and anticipate whats next...
The marks of regional terrorism were just starting to fade when this gargantuan problem raises its gloomier head from every possible corner where it could have seeped in inverse circumstances....Past has been a mute spectator and now the present queues up on its tail.

As always government is dumb and syntactically astute enough to shy out rather than taking stern steps to forestall such cataclysmic loss of life and limbs.Political leverage,minority votes and other such vicious motives drive those white shirt politicos whose piffling priorities gain weight for them when juxtaposed to interests of a common national.Politicians who are supposed to be sophisticated,instead of resolving issues far more grave are trying to generate a newer class of reserved subjects..who would be given precedence over a comparative better breed.
Hail politicians and gullible supporters...
Darwin finally seems to have been proved wrong !!!!

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