Friday, September 21, 2007

Comprehending The Nuances.

What entices more to a contemplating mind - an idyllic Past, a hazy Present or an unclear & indistinct Future.

Lets Probe...

Past is so perfect because someone (and i don`t know who) says,'the mind retains only good memories' and the regrets are transmuted to retain only the residual contentment of the incidence.
Thereby making the Past so perfect, atleast in the mind.

Present is diaphanous because you can percieve only the most contiguous events and proceed to pursue them.You circumspect one and all potential scenarios and try to optimise your judgement for a possible elimination of hurt or neglect from those concerned, albeit, treading towards the objective.
An adventurous excursion in itself.

Future is the farther side of life.Its decides what we seek and yearn for, all through the Past and even the Present.The actions we take now are the testimonials to the story of our lives.For me, future holds the key to the triumphs of this day and age which inturn gets reflected in the chronicles of the departed.
A rationale to die for.

In the end, the journey is long and normally we need to trust, the instincts

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Cris F. said...

Nice text!
For me:
past - I don't remember anymore
present - I'm planting and executing the most important things of my life, it's necessary realize memorable actions, for me and for my people
future - I'm gonna harvest the best part of me