Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ashes of the phoenix---AMR Group VI

Finally posting it...

Today is March 26, 2009 and this day brings us to the conclusion of the flight of affairs by the name of ‘AMR- Group 6’.
Among all the uncertainties of the situational twists, we gathered at the confluence of the Girls hostel and the cafeteria, SIIB, to rejoice once again through the happenings of our varied experiences. Now it becomes equally important for me to mention names of those people who have given me some of the most beautiful memories of my SIIB life. Not following any order, they are Neha, Sananda, Punam, Samiksha, Rakesh, Prashant, Sanjay, Ashraf and Arindam. The meet concluded when everyone expressed their thoughts.

Posting them here for posterity.

Sananda: It was a heavy (...??) subject. She was confused, she said, but had a nice time and intends to do more masti in days to come.
Neha: She spoke about the Tamanna party when thumps-up inebriated us to the extent of losing our sense of consciousness. This party was, undoubtedly, one of our best. And also talked about some ill-omen which took our parties away from us.
Punam: She spoke about our first AMR convene when we were deciding partners for our ‘3-day-AMR-Ends’ dare.

Samiksha: She spoke about the presentations - when only the presenter was caught amidst the showering furies of Mr. Godbole. It was fun to bear that brunt. Also, she re-assured us that she is mentally fit after that “ride of the lifetime”.
Rakesh: He also talked about the parties and “increased fairness of happy people” (which, you know was referred to whom…and we made sure that the message was conveyed.) Was about to speak about his crush but was saved from doing so.
Prashant: He talked about the last minute presentations and the fun at parties. His impending marriage and the talks of it. Shook hands and wished luck to every one of us.
Sanjay: He was as always was the fizz element. Added some expert comments and made the party more humorous.
Ashraf: He said, “It was good”.
Arindam: He spoke about the camaraderie all of shared. He said he enjoyed everything other than studies and also promised to take us to his house sometime.
Punam also promised the same.
Abhishek (that`s me) : I talked about the parties we had at the start and then the confidence with which we faced Mr. Godbole and then the places which we looked for hiding when he fired us after looking at our presentation. And then I spoke indistinctly, “Bohat si yaadein judi hain AMR ke saath”.

It all started from the day in June when we first met after 'The Singhad triumph'.

And here we stand today, after completing successfully, the trail of events which was made all the more fascinating by Mr. S.V.Godbole and his comments on our efforts and the challenging situations in which he kept putting us, untiringly.

For some it was so good that AMR is over, but for me...I just wish AMR would have never ended.


Veni...Vidi...Vici said...

Abe jo panga ho gaya tha..uske baare main to kuch likha he nahin...that gender fight and stuff...But overall AMR was fun and learning.

My space said...

@ Veni...Vidi...Vici
Well, the intention was to harmonize the things and strengthen the kinship.

Panga is just the part and parcel of it.

AMR really was fun :)