Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spine Shuddering Scare...

It was an unusual Friday night.
Time: 2:30 am
I was watching the movie -- ‘The Exorcist’.

As the movie concluded creepily, I realized that a deathly silence permeated the room. I knew it would dawn in sometime but it was not this time… Two more hours of haunting remained.

With fear flowing through my veins accompanied by a subtle paranoia, I thought I spotted the silhouettes that floated round the corners of the room.

The curtains caused some strange cacophony of noises. The creaks created by the flaps of that dampened fan which tried to grasp the air that barely passed through, signaled the spookiness that intensified the underlying terror in my heart. The sensation of specter was further strengthened as this air moved through the corner of my ears as if whispering or so of a panic that planned to linger for a longer period. Eerie sounds and ghostly voices had a bearing to the stony calmness of the night, indicating that something sinister lurked in the shadows waiting to make a move.
The shadowy presence harped in the dark corner and it felt as if I could effortlessly peep into those drained eyes that had seen time changing faces.
Evil sometimes lies dormant at the cross-roads between life and death... where the mortal and the eternal collide. Sometimes death is temporal but not terminal. Many a time, restless spirits roam in an attempt to fulfill their strange designs.

Apparently, you can’t fight what you can’t see. But then, the bigger question is:
Can death be seen amidst the livings?

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