Friday, June 01, 2007

A Taste Of My Own Blood

At a tender age of 24, I got first taste of my own blood. No, it has nothing related to acquiring any sort of vampiric aura but it was rather related to realm of my benign but not so harmless dental built up. Human anatomy has this strange way of finding or rather discovering the patch ups which individuals often neglect owing to life on fast track.

And with our tooth, hectic morning schedule and rushing to bed in evening with ever burgeoning bacteria because of improper brush leads to “Remove that Molar ASAP”, as it happened to me.

People say its wisdom tooth and the whole world is now bent on taking it away from me..???
and obviously they triumphed or else do you think I would be sitting here writing this piece of crap on a Saturday, which I think only I read and that too occasionally.

So it all starts with the syringe that took the sensations from my right periodontal gears.
and a hammer which when aimed at my molar lead to blood whirls in my mouth in no time.

That was what I was thinking when I wrote the headings…crappy brains.

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