Monday, October 13, 2008

Leading the way :

Their lingua depicted a finicky touch of enhanced struggle story, tuned to success.
Breaking into the nutshell of the top league of their relevant domains isn’t anymore an unrealized venture.
Seamless journey of an overtly jubilant Ganges to a somber branching – starts from possibly an urge to flow rather than taking a stern stand as a rock-solid Glacier somewhere atop the Himalayan Range.
Gradual realization of the devastation capacity of a dormant volcano, after eruption isn’t smart. It’s common. Uncommon is understanding the potential of performance prior to the volcanic-eruption process.
People who rise above the fog of “Crowd of Commons” are those who pre-empt the chance-event and force a favorable, unforeseen but not intangible proceedings.
Do not Crib at the ‘wrongs’ of the present, but Contribute to the conceivable ‘rights’.
Follow the rules, wait for your turn, and persuade people to follow the pre-formed codes.

Tender to needs, Cater to others. Remain patient, Don’t retaliate. Create humor and most of all -- Be Nice.

After all,
Kal Ho Na Ho…!!!

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