Sunday, March 09, 2008

Destiny Calling...

This is the time - i can see the first few rays of a new dawn in my dreary and inactive routine.After a long 2 years and 9 months of hibernation, there is a rattle of activities happening in my life.
The MBA(Management) entrance results are out and my dream seems to be materializing in the form of SIIB(Symbiosis Institute of international Business).Though i had a couple of other options but the Symbiosis of a rigourous education with the evolution of a socially responsive manager is an enticing idea.
As a part of curriculum there,I would be learning a new foreign language(one among german,spanish,french or mandarin).The rest of the schedule is similar to that of a decent Management college.The intricacies would be realized as and when the admission procedure happens.
As of now,a good and healthy break of 2 months, which i consider as the silence before the storm creates quite a few furore in some lives.Symbi..i am coming...

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